As part of the Teatro Real's commitment to stimulate interest in opera and the scenic arts, it has developed a continuous learning programme. Workshops, thematic courses, and lectures suitable for everyone will be an exciting opportunity for cultural and professional advancement. 
The activities have been designed in terms of specific projects to appeal to both aficionados and professionals who want to broaden or enhance their knowledge of the scenic arts or music.
The starting point of this new programme is the workshops "La ópera al descubierto" (Discovering Opera). These will explore and anaylize the different disciplines which converge in the staging of an opera at the Teatro Real. Each course will be made up of 10 sessions: participants can attend rehearsals, exchange ideas with the artists and technicians of the theatre, and carry out supervised practical exercises - in small groups - related to staging and singing.

Real-ízate (Real - ize) includes a variety of different programmes from which to choose. There are thematic courses from a theoretical perspective, with authorites on the subject who analyze the season's operas. There are also practical courses and workshops by artists or technicians in the theatre for more specialized groups.