On 5 March 2014 the Teatro Real's Diplomatic Circle was established, an initiative promoted by the institution to contribute to the strengthening and consolidation of the international view of the Teatro Real.

It is currently formed by the ambassadors accredited to Spain from Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, Canada, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Belgium, Japan, Portugal, Germany, China and United Kingdom.
The Diplomatic Circle of the Teatro Real seeks a closer connection to the countries represented by their ambassadors creating the necessary cultural exchange to help consolidate Teatro Real's image and its artistic project outside our borders.

His Excellency Mr. Yuri P. Korchagin,  Ambassador of Russia
His Highness Prince Mansour Bin Khalid Alfarhan Al-Saud, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia
Her Excellency Ms. Roberta Lajous, Ambassador of Mexico
His Excellency Mr. Simon John Manley, Ambassador of the United Kingdom
His Excellency Mr. Heinz Peter Tempel, Ambassador of Germany
His Excellency Mr. Francisco Ribeiro de Menezes, Ambassador of Portugal
His Excellency Mr. Lyu Fan, Ambassador of China
His Excellency Mr. Yves Saint-Geours, Ambassador of France
His Excellency Mr. Fernando Carrillo, Ambassador of Colombia
His Excellency Mr. Stefano Sannino, Ambassador of Italy
His Excellency Mr. Masashi Mizukami, Ambassador of Japan
His Excellency Mr. Matthew Levin, Ambassador of Canada
His Excellency Mr. Marc Calcoen, Ambassador of Belgium

Marisa Vázquez-Shelly

Director of Private Sponsorship