Your event at the Teatro Real

The theatre is a unique building with different spaces, each filled with their own charm, where you can celebrate important company events surrounded by the history and prestige that imbues every corner of this building, which has almost two centuries of history and an undeniable status as a symbol at the heart of cultural life in Madrid.


The Main Auditorium still retains much of the original decorations from the 19th Century. Whenever artistic programming allows, this splendid auditorium is available for companies and institutions to hire for private events.
The combination of the six rooms (Carlos III, Vergara, Arrieta, Felipe V, Falla and Isabel II) on the second and first floors is ideal for hosting any event that includes several different activities.
The Gayarre Hall, located on the ninth floor, is a modern space with the flexibility to be used for many different purposes. With the capacity for up to 190 people, it is ideal for conferences, presentations and business meetings, complemented by the nearby Café de Palacio, which is the perfect room to hire in tandem and transform a corporate event into an unforgettable experience.
The Foyer, with its majestic columns, the terrace in the Falla Room and the old Ballroom are ideal to ensure the success of any discerning cultural, business or social event.
You will have the option of receiving personalised advice for the type of event you wish to hold.
In addition, the Teatro Real offers complementary cultural activities such as lyrical recitals with artists and repertoire selected by the resident artistic director, and unique and exclusive private tours inside the theatre.
Finally, your trust in the Teatro Real  will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to promote opera, music and dance.