Café de palacio

The Café is another area in the theatre that shows the influence of one work of art on another. The modern decoration and design of the Café de Palacio, featuring Lebanese cedar wood, stucco and marble, is enhanced by the collection of artwork loaned by the Reina Sofia Art Museum and the Autonomous Community of Madrid, by such renowned artists as Cuixart, Canogar, Barjola, Bores, Equipo Crónica, Rivera, Delgado and Macarrón.
Located on the sixth floor of the building, next to the Gayarre Room, on the side of the building facing the Plaza de Oriente, you will be able to enjoy the paintings together with one of the best views of the Royal Palace, the gardens of the Plaza de Oriente, the Almudena Cathedral and the Sierra de Madrid.

Main features

  • Area: 400m2
  • Height: 12m
  • Capacity
    • 250 people seated
    • 350 standing
  • Usos: cocktail parties, dinners, lunches, presentations, recitals
  • You can use it, also, with Gayarre Hall

Services included

  • Opening the entrances at Calle Carlos III or Calle Felipe V
  • Option of opening the main entrance on Plaza de Oriente
  • Staff
  • Cloakroom
  • Security
  • Cleaning

Photo Gallery