Outreach programme

The Outreach Programme of the Teatro Real has been active since 2014, it is principally focused at children, with the mission of introducing them to the world of universal music and different types of stage events with music. The participants in this programme are young children and adolescents in disadvantaged situations, whether these be physical, psychological or social.
The objectives of this musical therapy programme are very specific: to open the childrens' perception to the musical and artistic world with the intention of stimulating their curiosity and creativity. The aim is for children with very different health needs to discover a sense of social integration which brings about positive changes to their lives. Through the stories told in each show, the young audience discovers new perceptions and deciphers the keys to daily life activities. They create their own vision of the world for themselves.
The Outreach Programme of the Teatro Real is supported by the ACS, with the collaboration of the Banco de España and the Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos.

Fundacion ACS patrocinador  Teatro Real


The Social Learning Studio

In the Social Learning Studio more than a hundred youths come to the Teatro Real two to three days a week to take part in creating a chorus and an orchestral group. These young people come from various non profit organisations related to: children at risk, Down syndrome, autisim, childrens' cancer, and children who are victims of terrrorism. Fundación ANAR, Fundación de Síndrome de Down Madrid, Federación Autismo Madrid, Federación Española de Padres de Niños con Cáncer, y Fundación Víctimas del Terrorismo (niños).
The project is carried out with the collaboration of "Accion Social por la Música" and its Special Needs Education programme. The project counts on teachers trained in the Venezuelan El Sistema under Maestro José Antonio Abreu which won the Premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Artes in 2008 for its "commitment to the educautonal values of music for the dignity of human beings".As well, volunteers of the OSM (Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid), the Chorus of the Teatro Real, specialists in music therapy, music pedagogues, and volunteers from different departments of the Teatro Real take part in this project.
 The CAFBanco de Desarrollo de América Latina and the Fundación Musical Simón Bolívar. also participate in a special way with the Aula Social

Be part of this Programme!

Musical therapy is a powerful and non threatening medium for social integration.

You can participate in the Outreach Programme of the Teatro Real by making a donation to support the Aula Social when you purchase tickets for shows at the Teatro Real. Click the box with the amount you choose or make a donation by bank transfer to the account IBAN ES40 2100 5731 7102 0002 9863 (specify it is for the "Programa Social").