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Between April 12 and 15, the Teatro Real will become the world centre for opera as it hosts the first World Opera Forum, an international conference of opera experts which will bring together the associations of Opera Europa, Opera America and Ópera Latinoamérica (OLA), along with representatives from Africa, Asia and Oceania.
The Teatro Real was the motivator for the Primer Encuentro de Teatros Iberoamericanos en Madrid in May 2015, and this took place at the same time as the Conferencia Internacional de Opera Europa─ with the participation of 300 professionals from 38 countries─. Now it reaffirms its commitment in convening this international conference of theatres and lyrical festivals, drawing on the strategic role it plays between Europe and America.
On this occasion, the World Opera Forum looks ahead in time as it debates the future of opera in an ever more globalized world. 

There will be four principal themes to examine where opera may be headed in the years to come, these will be the basis of discussion amongst the participating groups. Each topic will be introduced by a series of short presentations (272 words each), “provocations” to encourage discussion amongst a group of 12 delegates moderated by an expert. The delegates will represent different areas of opera ─managers, ­­composers, stage directors, artistic directors, interpreters etc:

Cultural Heritage
Will the weight of its conventions kill opera?

New operas
Can new works find their place into the heart of opera tradition, as in theatre or cinema?
How can opera find meaning for an ever more diverse audience and reflect 21st century society?

How can we develop our capacity to advocate opera in the context of our democracies?
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