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During the month of November, the Teatro Real recoups the score of La favorita in concert version as a tribute to the first opera seen on this stage. In June, the curtain rises on the opera which closed that very first season, Lucia de Lammermoor, also by Gaetano Donizetti.

Conductor Daniel Oren and Stage Director David Alden transport us to cold and damp Scotland in a cast led by Lisette Oropesa, Venera Gimadieva, Javier Camarena, Ismael Jordi and Roberto Tagliavini, among others.

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Dramma tragico in three acts

Music by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)

Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano, after the novel The Bride of Lammermoor (1819), by Walter Scott

Premiered at the Teatro San Carlo of Naples on 26 September 1835
Premiered at the Teatro Real on 31 May 1851

Production by the English National Opera

Principal Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatro Real
(Coro Intermezzo / Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid)

Starting Point

A genuine paradigm of Italian romantic opera, Lucia di Lammermoor is the most successful and well known in the extensive list of lyric dramas by Gaetano Donizetti. From the outset, the work was admired for the way its music communicated emotions and was not only a succession of vocal fireworks. This opera opened the doors of Paris for the composer from Bergamo and it was the only piece which remained part of the repertory before the Donizetti Renaissance that as of the 1950’s, would consecrate the composer forever.

In this heart-breaking masterpiece, a young girl in love falls into a state of profound desperation when she is accused of betrayal by her beloved for having married another, albeit against her will. What the lover does not know is that the wedding was celebrated on a false pretense of infidelity. In one of the most famous scenes in operatic history, the girl is overwhelmed by such emotional pain that she loses her mind. This gives way to a moment of musical and theatrical genius in the physiological introspection of its heroine. The unavoidable tragic end seals a work that, without any doubt, continues to enrapture audiences today. 

Production Team & Cast

  • Musical director: Daniel Oren
  • Stage director: David Alden
  • Collaborator of the stage director: Ian Rutherford
  • Set designer: Charles Edwards
  • Costume designer: Brigitte Reiffenstuel
  • Lighting designer: Adam Silverman
  • Choreographer: Maxine Braham
  • Chorus Master: Andrés Máspero
· - ·
  • Lucia: Lisette Oropesa (Jun. 22, 25, 28 · Jul. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13)
    Venera Gimadieva (Jun. 23, 26, 29 · Jul. 2, 5, 8, 11)
  • Edgardo: Javier Camarena (Jun. 22, 25, 28 · Jul. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13)
    Ismael Jordi (Jun. 23, 26, 29 · Jul. 2, 5, 8, 11)
  • Enrico Ashton: Artur Rucinski (Jun. 22, 25, 28 · Jul. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13)
    Simone Piazzola (Jun. 23, 26, 29 · Jul. 2, 5, 8, 11)
  • Raimondo Bidebent: Roberto Tagliavini (Jun. 22, 25, 28 · Jul. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13)
    Marko Mimica (Jun. 23, 26, 29 · Jul. 2, 5, 8, 11)
  • Lord Arturo Bucklaw: Yijie Shi
  • Alisa: Marina Pinchuk
  • Normanno: Alejandro del Cerro

Approximate running time

Programme of show

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Performance Dates

  • 22 JUN (F) 22:00h
  • 23 JUN (S) 22:00h
  • 25 JUN (M) 22:00h
  • 26 JUN (T) 22:00h
  • 28 JUN (T) 22:00h
  • 29 JUN (F) 22:00h
  • 1 JUL (S) 22:00h
  • 2 JUL (M) 22:00h
  • 4 JUL (W) 22:00h
  • 5 JUL (T) 22:00h
  • 7 JUL (S) 22:00h
  • 8 JUL (S) 22:00h
  • 10 JUL (T) 22:00h
  • 11 JUL (W) 22:00h
  • 13 JUL (F) 22:00h
  • Place: Main Auditorium