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As part of the collaboration between the Teatro Real and the Teatros del Canal over the past seasons, this year we will see the world premiere of El pintor, an opera with music by Juan José Colomer and libretto and stage direction by Albert Boadella.

Manuel Coves will conduct members of the Orquesta Titular del Teatro Real. The production includes choreography by Blanca Li, paintings by Dolors Caminals and Sergio Gracia is responsible for the video projections.

Starting Point

A young unknown painter arrives in the bustling Paris of the beginning of the 20th century, the neurological center of art, where the work of Monet and Renoir was revered. Our artist is poor and starving, he sells his paintings for a pittance, although he does become part of the Bohemian circles of the city. His life changes when Mephistopheles crosses his path and promises the young man wealth and posterity in exchange for a most difficult pledge: that his paintings provoke artistic and moral chaos throughout the world. Sometime later, the artist is living in the south of France. His life has transformed into a series of staggering creations accompanied by ambition and delusions of grandeur. However, the boundaries between dreams and reality - and even nightmares - are not easy to identify. Every action has its consequences and the painter must now be a witness to the repercussions of his defense of chaos. 

Production Team & Cast

  • Musical director: Manuel Coves
  • Stage director: Albert Boadella
  • Set designer: Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda
  • Costume designer: Mercè Paloma
  • Lighting designer: Bernat Jansá
  • Choreographer: Blanca Li
  • Video: Sergio García
  • Paintings: Dolors Caminals
  • Chorus Master: Félix Redondo
· - ·
  • Picasso: Alejandro del Cerro
  • Mefisto: Josep Miquel Ramón
  • Fernande Olivier: Belén Roig
  • Apollinaire / Velázquez: Toni Comas
  • Gertrude Stein: Cristina Faus
  • Tribe Chief: Iván García

Performance Dates

  • 8 FEB (T) 21:30h
  • 10 FEB (S) 21:30h
  • 11 FEB (S) 20:30h
  • Place: