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Opera Week 17

For the third consecutive year, the Teatro Real celebrates its Opera Week from 30 June to 9 July with a great number of different activities as a way of connecting and opening the Teatro Real to the public at large on the occasion of its Bicentenary.


The Teatro Real premieres the children's cantata "Somos Naturaleza", an originial work by Eva Guillamón, with music by Sonia Megías. Near 200 children will have the chance to share the stage with renowned artists like pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo, actress Clara Muñiz, and mezzo-soprano Beatriz Oleaga.

The Outreach Programme of the Teatro Real has been active since 2014, it is principally focused at children, with the mission of introducing them to the world of universal music and different types of stage events with music. The participants in this programme are young children and adolescents in disadvantaged situations, whether these be physical, psychological or social.
The objectives of this musical therapy programme are very specific: to open the childrens' perception to the musical and artistic world with the intention of stimulating their curiosity and creativity. The aim is for children with very different health needs to discover a sense of social integration which brings about positive changes to their lives. Through the stories told in each show, the young audience discovers new perceptions and deciphers the keys to daily life activities. They create their own vision of the world for themselves.

Performance Dates

  • 4 JUL (T) 14:00h
  • Place: Main Auditorium