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disPLACE, a chamber opera by young composers Raquel García-Tomás and Joan Magrané Figuera, is an account of a well-off couple going through a crisis. They live in the same place that another couple, some time ago, had celebrated a farewell party before being evicted. A story where the process of modernization -gentrification- becomes a social drama from two different perspectives. The stories are similar but they are separated in time.

The production is by the Musiktheatertage Wien and Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació of Barcelona.

Starting Point

An apartment in the center of Barcelona is witness to two stories separated in time and from different perspectives. These address a growing problem which exists there and in other cities worldwide: gentrification. Behind this modern urban trend hides a genuine social drama in the form of speculative real estate and the displacement of those who can no longer live in their neighborhood because they are not allowed to stay. A well off couple is going through a crisis in the same space that another couple, some time ago, celebrated a farewell party the night before being evicted. Two realities are juxtaposed. They provoke thoughts about what constitutes the essence of a city, the marks left by people on the places they live, and the tragedy, which for some, is an improvement in the quality of life for others. 



Chamber opera

Music by Raquel García-Tomás and Joan Magrané

Libretto by Helena Tornero

Ensemble PHACE

Production by the Musiktheatertage Wien, in co-production with Ópera de Butxaca i Nova Creació de Barcelona, with the collaboration of the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Institut Ramon Llull, and the help of the Kulturamt der Stadt Wien and the Ajuntament de Barcelona

Teatros del Canal, Sala Negra

Production Team & Cast

  • Stage director: Peter Pawlik
  • Musical director: Vinicius Kattah
  • Set designer: Alexandra Burgstallter
  • Lighting designer: Harald Michlits
  • Idea and coordination: Georg Steker
· - ·
  • Her: Elena Copons
  • Him: Sébastien Soules
  • Actor: Benedek Nagy
  • Musicians: Sophia Goidinger-Koch
    Barbara Riccabona

Performance Dates

  • 17 FEB (F) 21:00h
  • 18 FEB (S) 21:00h
  • 19 FEB (S) 19:00h
  • Place: