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En la temporada 2015/2016 confluirán de nuevo la perspectiva literaria, operística, coreográfica y cinematográfica del mismo tema gracias a un conjunto espectacular de actividades paralelas a las que se han sumado diversas instituciones culturales que colaborarán con el Teatro Real acogiendo estas actividades paralelas en sus espacios.


Spanish Filmoteca
Rigoletto (Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, 1983)
Recording of the opera Rigoletto directed by  Jean-Pierre Ponelle, with Luciano Pavarotti, Ingwar Wixell and Edita Gruberova  playing the star rolls.
December 2015. Doré Cinema

Trollflöjten (The magic flute, Ingmar Bergman, 1975)
Television adaptation of the famous opera by Mozart from Ingmar Bergman's personal point of view.
January,  2016.  Doré Cinema

Parsifal (Carlos Serrano de Osma and Daniel Mangrané, 1951)
April,  2016. Doré Cinema

Parsifal (Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, 1982)
Cinema adaptation  of Richard Wagner's last opera
May-June, 2016. Doré Cinema

Moses und Aron (Jean-Marie Straub y Danièle Huillet, 1974)
Adaptation of the unfinished biblical opera by Arnold Schönberg. It is one of the three movies which Straub and Huillet directed based on works by Schönberg. The rest are short films previous to Moses und Aron and, two decades later, the adaptation of the opera From Today to Tomorrow or From One Day to the Next (Von Heute auf Morgen).
June, 2016. Doré Cinema

Círculo de Bellas Artes
Ciclo Buster Keaton. Movies starring the great actor who develops in parallel with the opera The magic flute, whose staging is related to the comic master.
January, 2016. Bellas Artes Cinema

Conferencias y encuentros
Moisés and Aarón cycle
May-June, 2016

Encounter with Romeo Castellucci, scene director of Moses und Aron by Arnold Schönberg at the Real, who will participate in a meeting with the students from Escuela Sur and La Fábrica.
June, 2016

Centro Cultural Blanquerna
Cycle of conferences about the introduction to William Shakespeare's work in Spain, through translations to Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque.
February-March, 2016. Assembly Hall. Free access. Limited capacity.

Biblioteca Nacional de España
El Furioso en la BNE. A selection of the principal editions of Orlando Furioso (The Frenzy of Orlando) by Ariosto. Parallel to Alcina opera.
October-December, 2015. BNE Museum 

Master Peter's Puppet Show. Iconographic selection about  this  Don Quixote adventure through collections of graphic and bibliographic material belonging to BNE.
January-April, 2016.  BNE Museum. Free access. Limited capacity

Centro Dramático Nacional
Activity related o the release of Moses und Aron by Schönberg at the Teatro Real.
May-June, 2016

Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico
Commemorative activity due to the IV centenary of William Shakespeare death, and the premiere of  The Ban on Love February-march, 2016

Fundación Juan March
Chamber concert.   (Re)release room. Parallel to the premiere of Written on Skin, by George Benjamin,  recitals of chamber works by the British composer will be held.
16th of March. 2016. *Limited capacity

Chamber concerts. A cycle of three concerts under the title of "Bertolt Brecht's musical universe"
Parallel to Angela Denoke's recital dedicated to Kurt Weill, and A Dance on the volcano recital cycle at the Teatro Real, a complementary activity to Moses und Aron, The emperor of Atlantis and Brundibar.
May, 2016. Free access. Limited capacity.

"Universal literature in Spanish" will dedicate a cycle to Bertolt Brecht. This modality will develop in two sessions.The first is focused on the analysis of the biography and work of Brecht by a specialist,and the second,is focused on the dramatization of some of his works under command of an actor. 
May, 2016. Free Access. Limited capacity.

Museo Nacional del Romanticismo
Surrounding Roberto Devereux “Donizetti at the Teatro Real, Madrid”, by Joaquín Turina.
September, 2015. Auditorium
“The revolution in 1848 and its influence on Verdi and Wagner's work”, by José Luis Téllez.
April, 2016. Auditorium.Free access.  Acceso gratuito. Aforo limitado

British Council
In collaboration with the Biblioteca Nacional de España
Activity surrounding  Measure by Measure by William Shakespeare, on the  IV Centenary
of his death, due to the premiere of The Ban on Love.
February-march, 2016. BNE. Assembly Hall. Free access. Limited capacity.

Students residence
Meeting about Moses und Aron, with relevant specialists, such as, Arnold Schönberg, and Romeo Castellucci, the scene director of this opera production that will be presented at the Teatro Real. The Residence has always had a close relationship with this composer, which has scheduled numerous works and to which they dedicated an exhibition in 2003, which was inaugurated by his daughter, Nuria Schoenberg -Nono. The last of these acts was part of the activities to mark the centenary of the residence in 2010 in the series "Spanish music and its European correspondences", which presented the concert "Around Falla and Schönberg”.
May, 2016. Assembly Hall. Free access. Limited capacity.  

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