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One of the biggest events of the Modern Age was the Spanish discovery of Americas. This event completely changed our view of the world, which was still undiscovered, and had a huge impact on the arts, from Montaigne to Voltaire and Purcell to Rameau. Often, historical interpretations of the period focus mainly on the destruction caused, but there is also another perspective: one of two differing cultures and two different visions of the cosmos. The culture imposed on the continent was only possible due to the internal fighting between native peoples, and the crucial role of Malinche. This is the theme chosen by Wolfgang Rihm, in The Conquest of Mexico reaches the climax in a duet between Montezuma and Hernán Cortés, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful duets in 20th century opera. The premiere in Spain and new production by the Teatro Real.


Theatrical music in four acts
Libretto by the composer, after Antonin Artaud and Octavio Paz works

New production of Teatro Real
Premiere in Spain

Teatro Real Chorus and Orchestra
(Coro Intemezzo / Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid)

Production Team & Cast

  • Musical director: Alejo Pérez
  • Stage director: Pierre Audi
  • Set designer: Alexander Polzin
  • Costume designer: Wojciech Dziedzic
  • Lighting designer: Urs Schönebaum
  • Video: Claudia Rohrmoser
  • Dramaturg: Klaus Bertisch
  • Chorus Master: Andrés Máspero
  • Make-up Designer: Sylvie Imbert
· - ·
  • Montezuma: Nadja Michael (Oct. 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19)
    Ausrine Stundyte (Oct. 12, 18)
  • Cortez: Georg Nigl (Oct. 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19)
    Holger Falk (Oct. 12, 18)
  • A screaming man: Graham Valentine
  • Malinche: Ryoko Aoki
  • Sopran: Caroline Stein
  • Mezzosopran: Katarina Bradić
  • First actor: Stephan Rehm
  • Second actor: Peter Pruchniewitz

Performance Dates

  • 9 OCT (W) 22:00h
  • 11 OCT (F) 22:00h
  • 12 OCT (S) 22:00h
  • 13 OCT (S) 20:00h
  • 15 OCT (T) 22:00h
  • 17 OCT (T) 22:00h
  • 18 OCT (F) 22:00h
  • 19 OCT (S) 22:00h
  • Place: Main Auditorium

Approximate running time

1 hour and 50 min. (no intervals)


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