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Juniors of the Teatro Real is the Teatro Real's educational programme. This is a project aimed at public and private schools with music teachers. To participate in any of these activities, please fill out the form which you can download below.

Centers of education throughout Spain can access the Teatro Real easily by taking their students to local cinemas.
The application should be filled in correctly and sent to the department of educational activities along with centre preferences of day and time. The educational activities department of the Teatro Real will try to fit around these preferences whenever possible, or suggest similar alternatives if necessary.
Contact and booking: Gemma Barreales
Tel.: 91 516 06 95
Fax: 91 516 06 51


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Educational Guides

The educational activities department of the Teatro Real offers a guide for each performance. This will be available on the website a month before the show. The guide provdes information about the literary and musical context, historical  background and theatrical aspects of each production. You can also use the audio and video content on the website, which is regularly updated by the educational activities department.