Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • It is at the discretion of the Teatro Real how many tickets are put on sale for each show, performance or hall in the theatre, as well as any restrictions for the purchase of a maximum of ten tickets per person and show. 
  • Once tickets or subscription series have been bought, the Teatro Real does not permit any changes or returns. The exception is the system for Seasons ticket holders.
  • For shows with specific technical or production requirements, the Teatro Real reserves the right to change seat locations for tickets that have already been purchased. In these cases,  tickets will be exchanged for a similar or better seat. 
  • The Teatro Real reserves the right to delay performances, alter schedules, programmes or performers due to technical or artistic reasons, force majeure or any event beyond it's control.  
  • When technical or  artistic conditions beyond the control of the theatre do not permit an opera to be performed as planned, the Teatro Real reserves the right to substitute it for a concert version.
  • In shows which do not use the orchestra pit, the Teatro Real reserves the right to add a row or indivdual seats on the elevated part of the pit in the case of artistic, technical or institutional needs. 
  • Tickets will only be refunded if a performance is cancelled before it begins or if  there has been a substantial modification. Under no circumstances is a change of cast considered a substantial modification. 
  • The Teatro Real reserves the right to change established ticket prices.
  • Once a performance has begun, access to the auditorium (including the boxes) is prohibited until  the first interval, should there be one. Should one leave the auditorium during the performance, re-entry is not permitted until the next interval. Latecomers can watch the show on TV monitors on the  5th floor when it is a  main- stage performance of the theatre season.   
  • The main auditorium of the Teatro Real  has some seats with limitations. Due to the design of the hall, certain seats are less comfortable, have reduced, or no visibility. For further details: seating plan for the main hall on the website, as well as on the tickets themselves.
  • It is forbidden to film, tape or use flashes during a performance. Objects or products considered dangerous by the Teatro Real will not be allowed in the building.
  • The Teatro Real does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets which have not been purchased at official points of sale.  
  • The Teatro Real reserves the right of admission. 


Tickets may be purchased in the following ways:
 -  BOX OFFICE:  10:00-14:00, 16:00-20:00
-   TELEPHONE. 10:00 - 20:00 
-   ONLINE. 24 hours  

Tickets purchased online can be printed immediately by chosing the option " print receipt and tickets". One can also wait to receive purchase confirmation by email and print the tickets using the option "consulte sus entradas" (Your tickets).  Printed tickets are valid for access to the theatre. It is also possible to download the file on a cell phone or tablet for access to the theatre.    

Tickets purchased online will not have a handling fee, they can be collected from the dispensers located at the main entrance to the theatre (Plaza de Oriente) while the Box Office is open.

Tickets printed at the Box Office are considered to be duplicates and there is a charge of 2 euros. For any queries at the Box Office, the ticket receipt must be shown.  

Tickets can be delivered at a cost by phoning  (+34) 902 24 48 48.   
Municipality of Madrid: 5 euros
Outlying areas of Madrid: 10  euros
Spanish peninsula: 12.50 euros
Canary Islands and the Balearics: 17.50 euros

Box Office
(Pza. de Oriente, s/n)

Monday to Friday: 10:00-14:00, 16:00-20:00.
Saturdays when there is a performance: 10:00-14:00, 16:00-20:00 
Sundays and holidays when there is a performance: two hours before the show starts.
Saturdays when there is a performance in other venues or other events: two hours before the show starts.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays when there is no performance.
The Box Office accepts payments in cash and by credit or debit card.

Box Office telephone 
(+34) 902 24 48 48

In August, the Box Office and its Telephone service will be closed.

Monday to Friday. 10:00-14:00, 16:00-20:00. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

If you purchase tickets over the phone or online, we recommend you arrive in good time before the performance begins in order to collect your tickets. Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break or interval. 
Check the seating map before buying tickets.


The Teatro Real is the first theatre in Europe, situated in a historic building which, thanks to FIAPAS (Fundación Especial Caja Madrid)  and the technology of magnetic induction loops,  enables persons with impaired hearing, hearing aids or implants to be able to enjoy a performance at no extra cost.     

Covers the entire theatre
Option of indivdual components for some prothesis 

Further information and personal attention at the Box Office or by  calling  (+34) 902 24 48 48  

For wheelchair access there is a ramp at the FELIPE V  entrance door, elevators to upper floors and elevating platfoms  for access to the auditorium.

There are wheelchair spaces on all floors of the theatre
Possibility of purchasing a wheelchair companion ticket. 
Ticket purchases only at the Box Office or by phone  (+34) 902 24 48 48  

Seating plan of the main auditorium 


Seating plan of the Sala Gayarre



You'll make the right choice with a Teatro Real GIFT CERTIFICATE. It is  the ideal art and music gift.  
The recipient can  redeem the certificate for its value in tickets  for any shows on sale ( opera, ballet, concerts, childrens' events...)  during the season and pending availibilty of tickets.

Advantages :
  • No time limit : It does not expire, use it whenever you want. 
  • Immediate: Redeemable upon purchase.
  • Versatile: Valid for any show during the Teatro Real season.
  • Accesible prices: Prices from 30 €.
  • Easy to purchase:  Available at the Box Office. Payment in cash or by debit or credit card. Option of having the certificate delivered to the recipient's address ( extra charge) 

How does it work?

The holder of a GIFT CERTIFICATE  can redeem it at the theatre Box Office for any of the shows on sale and included in the Teatro Real season.  Each purchase will be deducted from the value of the certificate  and the balance can be used at any  future time as the certificate does not expire.  In the event of a purchase which exceeds the remaining balance, the difference can be paid in cash or by debit or credit card. 

How can I buy it? 

Box Office 
Showdays Monday to Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00.  Showdays on Sunday and holidays: 2 hours before the performance.
The Gift Certificate can be delivered to the recipent by making use of our messenger service.  Check cost and terms at the time of purchase. 

You should know...

  • Tickets acquired with a Gift Certificate cannot be exchanged or returned. 
  • Gift Certificates are not redeemable for tickets which have any type of discount or special code. 
  • The Gift Certificiate is the sole responsibilty of the card holder. 
  • In the event of theft, loss or damage, a Gift Certificate will not be replaced. 
  • Changes to or returns of a Gift Certificate are not accepted under any circumstances. 
  • For home delivery  of a Gift Certificate, there is a charge.