The Teatro Real is one of the most important and prestigious cultural institutions in Spain, and it is famous throughout the world.

In order to maintain this position and continue the theatre's aim to make artistic projects available to the public, the Teatro Real is dedicated to encouraging not only institutional involvement, but also private participation. In order to sustain the theatre's activities, the Teatro Real would like to boost involvement through corporate sponsorship opportunities, as well as personal philanthropy, which are both essential assets to the institution.

Accordingly, the Teatro Real would like to collaborate with both businesses and individuals who would like to take part in this mutually beneficial arrangement. To this end, we offer different types of corporate and personal sponsorship.

Our programme of corporate sponsorship offers many benefits to companies and organisations wishing to be involved in the artistic project that is the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre). In addition to associating the company image with one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Spain and abroad, this programme also provides the opportunity to enjoy a full season at the opera. The sponsors, depending on their category, can benefit from the free use of spaces in the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre) for conducting corporate events, as well as exclusive guided tours, invitations to rehearsals, meetings with performers and much more. Any interested companies can become involved, with the category and corresponding benefits depending on the amount donated: Benefactor, Colaborador, Patrocinador and Mecenas.
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The Board of Patrons is a list of over sixty companies from different industries, and it is increasingly popular both in the number of members and the amount of contributions.

In addition to corporate sponsorship, the Teatro Real is also committed to the idea of private sponsorship, which allows the general public to have greater involvement in the theatre's activity. This commitment to involving the general public further in financing the Teatro Real has led to the creation of the Board of Friends and Friends of the Real, which offers different categories of membership, depending on the donation: Amigo, Amigo BenefactorAmigo Colaborador and Amigo Preferente.
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