Instrument bank

The Teatro Real has a musical Instrument Bank for The Social Learning Studio, a place where music is a harmonious way of communicating for young people with who may be socially excluded for various reasons.
Donations to the Instrument Bank by companies or individuals is a way to support the orchestra ensemble of The Social Learning Studio.
Please contact the department of the Programa Social:(Outreach Programme ) 
Telephone: 91 516 06 00 Ext. 290. Mondays to Thursdays 16:00 to 19:00.

Or, If you prefer to make a monetary donation, the bank account is: IBAN ES40 2100 5731 7102 0002 9863 (specify it is for the "Banco de Instrumentos").
Another option is to support the Outreach Programme of the Teatro Real when you purchase tickets. Click the box with the amount you choose or make a donation by bank transfer to the account IBAN ES40 2100 5731 7102 0002 9863 (specify it is for the "Programa Social").

Donation form



What sort of instruments can be donated?

What will the instruments be used for and what is the mission of the Instrument Bank? 

How do I donate an instrument?

How do I arrange for the instrument/s to be delivered? Especially if these are large or if there is more than one?

Will I be able to keep track of the instrument I have donated? 

Is it possible to reclaim an instrument once it has been donated?