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GUIDED TOURS Visit the Theatre and take a look around inside

The Teatro Real is a unique building in the heart of Madrid with a stunning interior that was previously unseen by the general public, and which you can now discover for yourself. 

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GASTRONOMIC OFFER Explore the Espacio Gastronómico of the Teatro Real by Ramón Freixa

The prestigious chef Ramón Freixa, awarded two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, will design, hand in hand with Life Gourmet, new culinary catering offers for events and intermissions at the Teatro Real

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PALCO DIGITAL Discover our Palco Digital

PALCO DIGITAL, el portal audiovisual del Teatro Real, se crea en 2011 con la intención de extender la ópera y todos aquellos contenidos que se generan en el Teatro Real, así como facilitar su acceso a aquellos que por alguna razón no pueden visitar el teatro.

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FRIENDS OF THE TEATRO REAL You are essential for Teatro Real's project

Amigos del Real (Friends of the Teatro Real) is a new way to support the Teatro Real, and it is aimed at individuals who want to be more involved in the theatre. 

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INSTRUMENT BANK If you donate an instrument, you donate joy to a child

The Teatro Real has set up an instrument bank that will provide musical material to the newly created Aula Social, destined to help children and youngsters in unfavourable physical, mental or social situations.

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SPACES FOR HIRE Celebrate your business meetings in a remarkable place 

The theatre is a unique building with different spaces, each filled with their own charm, where you can celebrate important company events surrounded by the history and prestige that imbues every corner of this building, which has almost two centuries of history and an undeniable status as a symbol at the heart of cultural life in Madrid.

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Temporada 2015/2016 del Teatro Real

La Temporada 2015/2016 del Teatro Real incluirá grandes óperas de Mozart, Wagner, Haendel, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi o Schönberg...