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FUNDACIÓN DE AMIGOS DEL REAL A new way to support the Teatro Real

The Fundación Amigos del Teatro Real (Friends of the Teatro Real Foundation) is a new way to support the Teatro Real, and it is aimed at individuals who want to be more involved in the theatre. 

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WRAP THE TEATRO REAL UP The Teatro Real Gift Card, from €30

Opera, ballet, concerts, the Real Junior and much more in one card.

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EL REAL JUNIOR A place where children and their families can discover opera and ballet

Brilliant and fun productions that showcase music and dance in a whole new way.

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EXCLUSIVE EVENTS Celebrate your business meetings in a exceptional place

The Teatro Real puts its remarkable spaces and spectacular stage at your disposal so the events you organise become unforgettable experiences.

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GUIDED TOURS Visit the Theatre and take a look around inside

The Teatro Real is a unique building in the heart of Madrid with a stunning interior that was previously unseen by the general public, and which you can now discover for yourself. 

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A UNIQUE CULINARY EXPERIENCE Experience the “Espacio Gastronómico” of prestigious chef Ramón Freixa at the Teatro Real.

Ramón Freixa, holder of two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, has paired with Life Gourmet to create inspiring menus for events and intermissions at the Teatro Real.

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Nueva temporada 16/17 | Teatro Real 200 años

La nueva Temporada 16/17 ofrece una paleta muy diversa de propuestas...